Buying process



- You are looking for a property? You tell us what your needs and requirements and Prof-Immo bvba analyzes it. Taking into account your personal circumstances, preferred location and budget we will make a feasibility study of your project according to market conditions.

- We sign a "search-agreement" for a period of three months, taking into account all legal requirements. This fee includes the VAT is defined in advance. This fee must be paid only for a positive result.

- Then Prof-Immo bvba will search and select the properties which most meet your criteria. First visit Prof-Immo bvba itself the premises in order to verify the criteria. Of these, a report is created and sent to you.

- Then we visit along the property chosen by you to visit at a convenient time for you. After the viewings followed by an analysis which Prof-Immo bvba (if any) can adjust the requirements set by you.

- Prof-Immo bvba offers its own valuation of the properties of interest to you.

- Prof-Immo bvba has a unique relationship with all the players (real estate agents, notaries, developers, individuals ...) by his years of experience (since 2002) in the property market, so he is in a privileged bargaining position. Prof-Immo bvba commits itself to be independent Verstege about all these players in the property market.

- When you find an acceptable property, Prof-Immo bvba made an offer. Upon acceptance of the offer is the purchase / sale agreement checked in consultation with a solicitor of your choice. This allows you to sign these contracts with peace of mind.

- Prof-Immo bvba continues throughout the purchase process at your disposal until the execution of the notarial deed. Even after Prof-Immo bvba can help you include the transfer of the utilities or renovation work needed.