You wish to purchase a residence and you don't have  the time to make unnecessary visits? Or you are simply having difficulty finding your dream home within your budget ? You want to buy a property at an attractive price and within a reasonable timeframe? In all these cases, you will need sound advice and guidance !

Prof-Immo can take the entire process out of your hands and  centralise your search by optimising all its parameters to achieve the desired result in the end. Guiding you through the purchasing process, Prof-Immo will find the ideal property at the best conditions.

Whether you are a private buyer or company manager, our services are affordable for everyone's budget.

The decision to purchase a property (real estate) is an important step in your life, for which you expect maximum support from your real-estate agent. There are many things you have to bear in mind when purchasing a property. Some are obvious, others are not. The purchase of your home requires knowledge, experience and understanding of the market. Prof-Immo can assist you with his expertise in building technology, accounting / finance and legal matters.

Prof-Immo bvba advises and supervises the entire process from pricing to the execution of the deed at the notary"s.

Years of experience (since 2002) have given Prof-Immo a unique relationship with all the players (real estate agents, notaries, developers, private owners ...) in the property market, resulting in a privileged bargaining position. This will help you get financial benefit. Prof-Immo will put every effort in their search to conclude the purchasing process successfully.

Prof-Immo undertakes to respect your personal information and keep it confidential. Prof-Immo claims to be independent of all the players in the property market, i.e. including fellow real-estate agents, notaries, developers, private owners, ...